YSP Reach

The YSP-REACH Camp is not running this year. It typically takes place in the month of July.

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YSP-REACH is a program through the Center for Neurotechnology, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center headquartered at University of Washington, with MIT and SDSU as core partners. SDSU professor, Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar, is the center’s co-director of education, and  partnered with our Talent Search to connect with talented young scholars from local high schools. 

Benefits of Attendance

  • Participation sets you apart from other applicants when it's time to apply to college
  • Be exposed to exciting and current research in the field
  • Opportunity to work with a researcher on independent projects
  • Hands-on activities

What is Neuroengineering

Neuroengineering is the interdisciplinary study of the nervous system that collaborates with other fields including chemistry, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, linguistics, math, and medicine, just to name a few!

YSP-Reach Participant
“I found the material very interesting and new. Some of the ideas mentioned within the program sounded unreal. I had no idea that technology was this advanced.”

“Engineering is a field I've never been exposed to; but, this program was a good introduction of what it's all about. For a beginner's course, the basic concepts about the brain were clear. I enjoyed that this program because it involved active discussions, rather than a listening experience.”
“I learned about the intricacies of the brain that I wanted to know more about! I also learned other awesome things such as the ethics and technology corresponding to this interdisciplinary field. I love learning. Therefore, I loved this experience.”
“I feel like I learned a lot about this field. I feel that someday I might even go into neural-engineering. It really sparked my interest in this field.”