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The Institute for Transformative Education's Pathways Service-Learning Tutoring program works with 17 schools near SDSU to transform educational opportunities. Our tutors work in the classroom to support both students and teachers to create positive learning experiences for all. Pathways is a service learning program providing training and support throughout the supported courses (TE 362 & GEN S 280), monthly meetings, and coaching.

We Are Hiring for Fall 2024!

How to Get Hired

Step 1: Review Service Learning Tutoring Jobs OPEN to all SDSU students
  • Federal Work Study Job Description:
    • America Counts: Work directly with middle or high school students in math and science classrooms with a partner teacher. Paid position starts at $17.50/hr for work-study-eligible students at SDSU.
    • America Reads: Work directly with elementary school students in their classrooms to build early literacy skills under the direction of the partner teacher.  Paid position starts at $17.50/hr for work-study-eligible students at SDSU.
  • Volunteer Tutor Job Description:
    • Volunteer position (unpaid), in a K-12 classroom with one of our partner schools under the direction of a partner teacher.
  • Lemon Grove Tutor Job Description:
    • Lemon Grove position (paid), works directly with Lemon Grove Academy under the direction of a partner teacher.
Step 2: Apply

Apply Here!

Step 3: Schedule Interview
  • Use our Google Calendar to schedule an upcoming interview for 30 minutes on Zoom.
Step 4: Complete Tutor Onboarding
  • If hired, complete the Pathways onboarding process including Homeroom Modules, TB Test, and Live scan. If hired as an America Reads/Counts tutor, complete hiring steps with SDSU Human Resources.
Pathways Tutor
Fall 2023
“Joining the Pathways Team granted me with the opportunity of being a better version of myself”

Where We Tutor

We currently have 17 partner schools with opportunities to support elementary, middle, and high school students in San Diego, California. Tutors select their schedule and school site preference. We match tutors with the school site based on the school site needs, funding, subjects, and teacher requests. 

List of school sites:
Educational Talent Search & America Counts:
Castle Park High, Crawford High, Hoover High, Montgomery High, Morse High, Twain High, Southwest High, Clark Middle, Mann Middle, O'Farrell Middle, Wilson Middle
Talent Search Mentoring & America Counts:
Lincoln High, O'Farrell High, Bell Middle

Lemon Grove Educational & America Counts:  

Lemon Grove Academy Middle
America Reads:
Carver Elementary, Euclid Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary
Pathways Tutor
Fall 2023
“I feel like my abilities have improved greatly. I feel a lot more capable to become a teacher and have improved my skills as a leader and role model.”

Connect With Us!

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with us during the interview, zoom open hours, or at the office to address any questions, concerns, or challenges you may have. Whether you're seeking clarification, need assistance, or simply want to discuss your goals and progress, we are here to provide dedicated support tailored to your needs.

Pathways Virtual Office Hours

All are welcome to stop in, say hi, ask questions, and connect.