Summer Leadership Academy

The Summer Leadership Academy (SLA) is not running this year. It typically takes place in the month of August.

SLA is a week-long leadership experience for students grades 8-12th. Participation allows you to engage with peers and Advisors in team-building activities, enhancing your leadership and self-advocacy skills and socio-emotional development. 

student group gathering outside a classroom
student group photo
Our activities range from guest speaker presentations and workshops to campus tours and outdoor activities.

Program Benefits

SLA is a space for students to learn and develop skills by combining academic and interpersonal strategies. Below are some of our program’s priority concentrations and skill objectives:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Academic and personal development workshops
  • Guest speakers and presentations
  • Fun outdoor activities
  • Improvement on study skills and tactics

Summer Fun!

In past years, students have visited SDSU's historic campus, and had the opportunity to learn in a college classroom, explore the campus/dorms/dining hall, make new friends and spend a day swimming at the SDSU Aquaplex to celebrate the conclusion of the program.


Self-leadership by building social capital

Social capital increases when students have access to a different set of resources that wouldn’t ordinarily be available to them, including study skills and tactics and approaches to the academic environment in general. By forming new relationships outside of one’s traditional friend group, SLA strives to connect students who bring a diverse set of skills, approaches and resources to the group. 

SLA Participant

Hear from our students!

The program made me more open minded, confident, organized and prepared for college.
SLA Participant '19

“To me, it meant a lot that I came here to meet people that are interested in what I have to say.”
“This is a huge opportunity that you don’t want to miss! You make great friends and learn about the various steps to get into college.”
“The people/environment of the program, it makes the program more respectable and carefree [...] it makes you just want to be yourself and have fun.”
“What I liked most about the program is that they really try to help you with your goals and what you want to do in life”